Viral: Jada Pinkett Finally Reveals Whether She Cheated On Will Smith With August Alsina

Discussed about her relationship with the actor.

Jada Pinkett Smith has clarified her relationship with Will Smith, stressing that she did not cheat on him despite her well-known affair with August Alsina.She defended her actions and also referred to her previous discussion of the Alsina affair on her canceled show “Red Table Talk”

“I just need people to know, OK, I did not cheat on Will Smith,” she told TalkShopLive.

“No matter how sad he looked at that table.”

She also talked about her previous discussion of the Alsina affair on her canceled show “Red Table Talk” and teased that her upcoming memoir would shed light on why the show was initiated.During a “Red Table Talk” episode, Jada had mentioned that she and Smith had decided to separate for a period, but in a recent interview with NBC news, she revealed that they had already been separated for years at that point.

Despite their marital difficulties, Pinkett Smith expressed that she and Will are now in a “really beautiful place.” She emphasized that they’ve gone through a period of separation and have come to a loving and peaceful space in their relationship.

Public pressure

Jada, in her early 50s, acknowledged that public pressure and perception had previously influenced their decision to stay together.However, they realized that it was not a realistic approach and have since been working on healing and finding their way back to a loving partnership.

“There’s so much love, you know, between us.Different things have transpired over the last two years and Will and I have been doing a lot of healing together,” she noted.

“And, you know, we have made our way back to this interdependence, this beautiful loving space between us, and we’re family, and we’re figuring it out, and it’s a beautiful figuring it out. Been beautiful. Got a lot of love.”