These Are The 10 Best Morning Routines For Black Girls

You’re about to hit another trip around the sun, but for some reason, even after making the twentieth “2023 resolution list,” you’re still hitting that snooze button like it’s preventing you from “wonderlanding” with Hatter and Absolem.

Your mornings are characterized by unfinished skincare routines, hurried breakfast munches, and chronic forgetfulness (you almost always forget to unplug the iron box, switch off the cooker, or prevent other disastrous, 1000-ways-to-die-like situations).

You don’t resonate with the term “morning person” and think everyone who looks well-put-together by 7 a.m. has Rumpelstiltskin connects – because why do they look like that, and you’re almost always discombobulated and overwhelmed?

What can you possibly do to get out of this miserable, anxiety-inducing state? Two words: morning routines!

Yes, for the thousandth time, you need a solid, practical, and realistic morning routine – not those fairytale “perfect” routines the internet princesses market over their socials.

You need one that’s exclusively suited to you, one that caters to your needs, your occupation, your health, and mental status, and everything in between because that’s the only you can create a morning routine that you can effortlessly adopt.

So, to help you and give you an idea of what this morning routine should look like, we compiled a list of the best morning routines for black girls – including some celebrity-approved Black girl morning routines, a chilled morning routine from our Chief Executive Officer, and some Black Girl Influencers.

Keep scrolling if you’re tired of being in a wah-wah-like slump, are looking for some motivation, or even a little commiseration…

@Zendaya’s morning routine is a sigh of relief for those who don’t identify as “morning people.”

The Euphoria actress usually gets up around 8 a.m. She doesn’t hop right out of bed.

She’s one of us who loves to lie around or sit around, take in our surroundings, and debate for a good few minutes if she really wants to get up or try to sneak in another 10 minutes of sleep – we know how that usually goes.

She then checks her notifications and her calendar to see what the heck she’ll be doing during the day (yup, most of the time, she has no clue what she’s supposed to do).

At 9 a.m., Zendaya takes a shower (she identifies as a shower person; baths are kinda icky to her) and follows it with her skincare routine: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and lip balm.

Zendaya isn’t much of a breakfast person (clearly, she’s not much of an anything person). It takes the intervention of her assistant to make her munch on something. When she caves, she usually has pancakes, berries, and Nutella before getting on with her schedule.

She’s not a gym person, obvi, so she goes for a more fun exercise (dancing and all that) to get her motivation juices up.

This is why we love Zendaya! We aren’t much of anything people either!