Taye Diggs Gets Married To Omarion’s Baby Mama Apryl Jones

Exclusive: Taye Diggs gets married toOmarion‘s baby mama, Apryl Jones! The two have been going out for a while now and seem very happy.

Stay with us for the details.

Taye Diggs, 51, and 35-year-old TV personality Apryl Jones have been together for a few months now and the two are incredibly happy together.

Apryl is best known as a starring cast member on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, and she’s also the mother to R&B singer Omarion’s two children.

And ever since they started going out together, both Taye and Apryl have been very present on social media, showing the world just how well they get along.

And how good Apryl is at karaoke.

Now, eagled-eyed fans think Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones are married, thanks to one of their most recent videos on social media. Taye recently shared a video called “sharing our lives this weekend,” where they lie in bed together and do karaoke.

Which seemed like a lot of fun.

But fans noted that the two seemed to be both wearing matching wedding rings on that finger. So far, neither confirmed or denied the rules. But it does seem like they have a great lot of fun together and it would be the most normal step.

Congratulations to the couple!