Taraji P. Henson and Tyler Perry Just Gave the Best Advice to Strangers on Twitter

In the course of an ordinary day, I often find myself contemplating, “What would Cookie Lyon do?”.

Undoubtedly, Taraji P. Henson’s iconic character from Empire possesses an unmatched prowess, making me believe she could tackle any of life’s challenges with finesse. To add to this, the acclaimed writer, director, and producer Tyler Perry shares a similar sentiment: when seeking an escape from life’s woes, his wisdom and creative prowess are the perfect refuge.

When the talents of Henson and Perry combine, they form an exceptional duo of life mentors. Sincerely, I can attest that these two individuals, with their collective wisdom and unwavering determination, possess the ability to navigate any life predicament. Their recent collaboration in providing life advice to strangers on Twitter for a Glamour-produced original film exemplifies this.

Their candid discussions spanned a range of topics, from personal relationships to culinary preferences and even pondering how they would spend their last day on Earth. While this may seem somber, Perry’s insights on this subject and other discussions with Henson radiate positivity. It’s quite surprising to discover their depth of knowledge on subjects such as the ideal ratio of nuts to raisins in a trail mix (Perry suggests discarding any blend with more than 50% raisins, a sentiment I wholeheartedly share).

The film featuring Henson and Perry, which showcases their adeptness at offering valuable advice, leaves viewers impressed and seeking more of their wisdom. The details of their chat program, however, remain elusive.

Currently, audiences can enjoy the latest collaboration between Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson in their new movie, “Acrimony,” playing in theaters nationwide. The film delves into the story of a woman’s quest for revenge against her unfaithful husband, delivering a gripping narrative that captivates audiences.