Cardi B Flaunts her NEW MAN at Oscars Red Carpet. Offset Responded by sending A Warning…

The glamorous event witnessed Cardi B stepping out with her new partner, igniting speculation and chatter among fans and media alike. As the cameras flashed and the world watched, Cardi B proudly showcased her latest love interest, marking a significant moment in her public persona. However, Offset, her former flame, didn’t stay silent. Responding to … Read more

JUST IN: DJ Khaled Break Social Media Silence To Express His Feeling On Cardi B After Tease New Song ‘Miami’

Cardi B appears to have teased another upcoming single, dancing and lip syncing to an unreleased song on her TikTok account on Thursday. The rapper didn’t give any details about the potential song beyond captioning the video “15,” suggesting the song would be coming out next Friday on March 15. Assuming that’s the case, the … Read more

Cardi B and Offset Reunite To Share Christmas Spirit

Cardi B and Offset shows first sign of getting back together following a bitter breakup. Cardi B and Offset are again under one roof to share in the Christmas spirit with their kids. On Christmas Eve, both rappers came together with family and loved ones at their family home in Los Angeles. They both shared … Read more