Beyoncé reveals ‘act ii: COWBOY CARTER’ cover and album inspiration

Beyoncé has revealed the cover for her upcoming album, act ii: COWBOY CARTER. She took to Instagram Tuesday to celebrate the 10-day countdown to the release of the new album, arriving March 29. In the album’s cover photo, Beyoncé sits astride a horse, wearing patriotic cowboy garb and holding an American flag. She wears white-heeled … Read more

Beyoncé begs Jay-Z to forgive Blue ivy for revealing evidence of him and P Diddy kissing? – FULL DETAILS | HO

In a stunning turn of events that has captivated the public’s attention, Beyoncé has reportedly found herself in the midst of a family crisis, seeking forgiveness from Jay-Z after their daughter, Blue Ivy, allegedly revealed evidence of an intimate moment between Jay-Z and hip-hop mogul P Diddy. The revelation has not only rocked the foundation … Read more