Snoop Dogg Donates $10,000 to Assist 93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother in Saving Her Home

Snoop Dogg has extended a helping hand by contributing $10,000 (£7,800) to assist a 93-year-old great-grandmother named Josephine Wright in safeguarding her family’s ancestral land.

Josephine Wright, residing in South Carolina, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her legal battle against land developers. Her family has resided on Hilton Head Island, where her house stands, since the Civil War era.

The legal predicament stemmed from a lawsuit filed against Josephine by a group called Bailey Point Investment LLC. The group claimed that certain buildings on her land were situated on their property. Bailey Point Investment LLC sought to construct 147 new homes in the vicinity of Josephine’s residence on Hilton Head Island.

Reportedly, Bailey Point Investment LLC offered to purchase Josephine’s land for $30,000 (£23,400), an offer she declined. Subsequently, she filed a counter-lawsuit against the development group, alleging “harassment and intimidation” tactics employed by them.

Snoop Dogg, in a statement to CNN, elucidated his motivation for offering assistance, stating, “I did it because I wanted to. She reminds me of both my mother and grandmother.”

Josephine initiated her countersuit as she believed that Bailey Point Investment LLC had been employing a “constant barrage of tactics of intimidation, harassment, trespass, and now this litigation, to try to force her to sell her property.”

Josephine’s plight has garnered support from various prominent figures, not limited to Snoop Dogg. Tyler Perry, a renowned filmmaker and billionaire, expressed his solidarity with the great-grandmother through an Instagram post. He conveyed his willingness to support her fight and emphasized their shared determination.

Additionally, podcast host and writer Whitney Alese utilized Twitter to draw attention to Josephine’s predicament. Whitney underscored the historical significance of the land, which Josephine’s family has owned since the end of slavery, highlighting its role as a gathering place for generations of family members.

To date, Josephine and her family have raised $279,217 (£218,127) towards their goal of $350,000 (£270,000).

Josephine has characterized the legal dispute as “frivolous” and pointed out that the town had granted permission to the business company to develop on 29 acres of land behind her property. The conflict arose when Bailey Point sought to acquire her land, which has been in her family’s possession since 1861, dating back to the commencement of the Civil War.