Sherri Shepherd Shares Why Sexyy Red Is Not Welcomed On Her Talk Show

Sexyy Red has been quite the topic of discussion this week from her views on Donald Trump to her N!SF!W video that was ‘leaked’ on Instagram.

Sherri Shepherd weighed in on the conversation making it clear that the “Pound Town” rapper would not be invited to her show.

On October 5th, Sherri Shepherd made a guest appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” where she discussed various aspects of her life, including her personal experiences, her self-titled talk show, her recovery from COVID, her decision to undergo a breast reduction, and other topics.

As part of their conversation, she also delved into the variations in sex drives between men and women, sharing her insights on the matter.

Ya’ll will have s!e!x no matter what. Y’all have s!e!x when you get a great job, you have s!ex when you’re feeling confident, when you’re de!press!ed. You want to have s!ex when you lost your job…no matter what, [men] will always want to have se!x.”

“Se!x is like breathing for ya’ll, you have to have it.”

“Great conversation…things that are sexy to me is when you are committed [and] when you are ambitious…I love a man that’s creative.”

“Because physically, I’m practical. You can’t be throwing me up in the air and think my knee gonna stay in place. So like, you gotta – I’m one of them fragile dolls that been on the shelf with the Fine China…you gotta be careful with me.”

DJ Envy then referenced Sexyy Red’s hit single Pound Town asking Sherri if she would be down for some Pound Town.

“So, you don’t want Pound Town,”

Sherri Shepherd quickly said:

“No, no no no! I just heard the lyrics to that…I was like ‘What are these girls talking about nowadays?’”

“Because she’s going to be like, ‘This auntie, okay, go on old lady.’ When did just getting money and showing your booty hole to dudes become sexy? Me, I come from the school of let them imagine something. Don’t just come and show him everything…when did your booty become the emphasis now?”

When Envy doubled down asking if she would have her on daytime TV, Sherri said “Noooo”.