Remy Ma Attends NFL Game With Rapper Eazy Fueling Papoose Split

Remy Ma has again fuels Papoose breakup after she and Eazy The Block Captain were spotted at the Eagles and Cowboys game.

New York rapper Remy Ma and Eazy the Block Captain are ignoring rumors that they are dating and have seemingly made their first public appearance outside of the cover of her rap events.

The pair were sported at the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys NFL game on Monday night, and a fan who recorded them appeared confused as he videoed them and seemed to confuse Eazy with her husband.

“Look at Remy Ma and Papoose,” the man videoing says before adding, “I forget they ain’t together anymore.”

Remy Ma was all smiles as she walked out of the view of the camera. Eazy the Block Captain seems like he wasn’t too thrilled about being called Papoose as he looked at the man videoing warily. Both of them are seen wearing all-black outfits backstage at the game.

Rumors began swirling months ago that Remy Ma allegedly cheated on Papoose with Eazy. However, she and Papoose have been silent about the rumors. Papoose has also been out of the public eye for a while now. There is no information about the reason the couple broke up or if they have even broken up.

However, Remy and Eazy were spotted out on a dinner date last month after another rapper, Geechi, claimed that she cheated on Papoose despite him holding her down.

At another battle rap event in September, Eazy stirred the pot as if admitting that the rumors were true.

“You see the skies written in digital like an email I prevail/ this whole year my career done try to derail/ wanna know who I’m f**cking in the game, you wanna know the details? n*** keep this on the DL. If you heard a ninja did something to me over a female and he ain’t dead, it’s probably because I still got the female,” he rapped.Remy had also tried to deny that she cheated on Papoose instead skillfully saying that it was a rumor started by the “blogs 2/3 months ago.”

She continued, “Listen it’s battle rap. I knew when I got in here. I done been to a thousand battles. Seen the battle of turn, say something to me, say something to smack, like so I’m used to it so.”

On social media, many people reacted to her and Eazy at the Eagles game. “Papoose really out the picture,” one fan. “I feel bad for Papoose she did him dirty he held her down for so long n she doing this? Lame,” another fan wrote.