RaeShanda Lockhart Divorcing Wife Pastor Lashondra Lockhart Over Finances [Video]

Adored TikTok couple RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart and wife Pastor Lashondra Lockhart are in the midst of a nasty divorce that is playing out online.

The viral couple have been married since 2017. However, Rae is now spilling all the tea on TikTok after she recently filed for divorce. While she initially tried to play coy about the reasoning behind the split, it didn’t take long for the entrepreneur to reveal the truth.

Among her issues with Lashondra, Rae says her wife squandered much of their funds and began going behind Rae’s back, borrowing money from friends despite them living a comfortable lifestyle on social media. Lashondra even allegedly defaulted on a loan that Rae took out for her.

According to the boutique owner, she noticed small bills, such as the wifi and cable, going unpaid from time to time. However, she said Lashondra would handle them immediately after seeing they’d been shut off. This is partially why she didn’t catch the signs that her wife was not managing their household properly. Things took a turn when the couple were evicted from their Kentucky home after Lashondra failed to pay the rent.

When Rae confronted her wife about the eviction, LaShondra allegedly told her it was a mistake. Rae learned the truth after speaking with the leasing agent, only to learn they were quite behind. Even after Rae sent LaShondra the funds to catch them up and prevent eviction, her wife wrote a check that ultimately bounced, which moved the process forward. After they were told to get out, Rae was hit with another blow after she learned the sewer and water bill was over 90 days past due.

As for why she was not taking care of the bills and sending the couple into debt, LaShondra has remained mum. Instead, she has shared nothing but biblical messages on her TikTok as Rae slams her online for her many indiscretions.