Mystery Man $ucks Blac Chyna’s Toes At Restaurant During 1st Date! (Pics)

Blac Chyna was pictured getting her toes scked by a mystery man while on a dinner date.

We have no idea who the mystery man is but we know for sure how the first date must have ended. Blac Chyna and her new man couldn’t keep their hands off each other and at one point, the lover boy started kissing and licking Chyna’s toe right at the dinner table. Talk about crazy PDA!

Pictures show Blac Chyna’s date canoodling her toe while she has her feet on his lap. The model was out on a double date and the four had dinner at Woodland Hills, California.

31-year-old Chyna stepped out wearing an all-black outfit with straight blonde hair while her beau chose a more casual look for the night. Sources confirmed that this was their first.

Sources also confirmed that Chyna’s guy spent about 5 minutes showing his love for her feet while she had her pumps on. The new couple was seen leaving the restaurant together.

This is the first guy Chyna is seen with since she broke up with ex-boyfriend Soulja Boy earlier this year. The two dated only for a few weeks before calling it quits.