Marlon Wayans Wants Women To Stop Pressuring Men To Marry Them

Marlon Wayans has a message for all the women that may desire a life of marriage with him.

Don’t do it if you want a monogamous relationship. The actor recently sat with Leah’s Lemonade Podcast, where he touched on many topics, including marriage. According to the star of The Curse of Bridge Hollow, you should proceed with caution before thinking to secure a trip down the aisle.

It’s well known that Marlon Wayans used to be romantically linked to his longtime partner, Angelica Zachary, from 2005 to 2013. Although many believed that the youngest member of the Wayans clan was married to Zachary, the two were never married. However, they share children: Amai Zackery Wayans and Shawn Howell Wayans.

Fans could perhaps see where the confusion could happen. For instance, Marlon Wayans mentioned Angelica Zachary on social media in 2018, calling her his “ex-wife.” However, it is very evident that their relationship is 100% solid as he continued to praise her for being an exemplary woman. “I just love you girl,” he concluded in his lengthy Instagram post.

Marlon Wayans held an interview with Essence in 2021, dispelling the information that he was once married to Angelica Zachary. He also explained why he’s never exchanged marital vows with anyone, sharing that it was due to him feeling that his mother needed him while she was sick.

But during the same interview, Wayans seemingly had a change of heart for his future. The actor told the publication that he “probably got one [marriage] in me. Just one,” he clarified.

Marlon Wayans seems to have his mind made up regarding marriage, and he will do it when he’s ready. Hence, his word of advice to men who are seeking marriage in the future.

“If you ain’t ready for marriage, don’t get married,” the actor advised. He added that he would not want to bring infidelity to his union. “Why would you want me to cheat on you if I’m not ready for something?”

Wayans questioned. He expressed that he could love his partner fully and wants the best relationship, but he doesn’t enjoy the world’s view in the midst. In addition, Wayans doesn’t want to feel pressured to take the next step.