Man Breaks Into LL Cool J’s Home, Gets The Beating Of His Life

LL Cool J has a reputation as a ladies’ man and Hollywood heartthrob.

However, he is still a man from Queens and knows how to lay hands on someone if he has to.

Over his career, Cool J has been known to rough people up if need be; we can’t forget the time he knocked out Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday. He’s also opened up about the time he had to put the smackdown on a home intruder.

During an interview with Big Boy in the Morning, LL opened up about the incident, which occurred at two in the morning. “My alarm went off, the entry alarm.
He came through an entry door. I’m thinking maybe it’s one of my daughters. I go downstairs; I’m in my underwear. Something said, ‘Don’t turn on the lights; I want to see what’s going on.
‘” he recalls with a chuckle. LL goes on to say that while walking down the steps, he encounters a “Charles Manson” look alike.

As soon as the men locked eyes, LL Cool J says the guy took off running, and he chased him down and beat him up. Big Boy laughed, saying, “You beat the dog **** out of that dude.” LL confirmed this before saying, “I’m a good guy; I’m not a nice guy.”

Other reports state that LL Cool J broke the man’s nose, jaw, and ribs in the fight. The 56-year-old man, identified as Jonathan Kirby, was later arrested and charged with home invasion.

Kirby has a lengthy criminal history for voluntary manslaughter, auto theft, burglary and petty theft. California has a three strikes law that could have placed him behind bars for life.