Look how Cardi B appeared the first time with her new-born baby: Fancy nails, expensive clothes with the luxurious Louis Vuitton blanket

Female rapper Cardi B has just shared her first photo after her second baby was born.

On September 7, Cardi B posted the first picture of her second baby after giving birth. She also revealed that this child is a boy and was born on September 4.

The moment the female rapper and her husband Offset held their baby quickly earned 5 million likes after just 1 hour of downloading. The male rapper also shared a picture of him holding his son in the hospital.

The couple received many congratulations from the online community, but many netizens began to notice something strange in the photo Cardi B just posted.

I was so busy preparing clothes for the birth that I didn’t have time to remove my fingernails, but the mother still had to bring a blanket… Louis Vuitton agreed. It is known that this branded blanket costs 1 thousand Euros (more than 27 million VND). Cardi B also showed off her luxurious, sparkling nails, making people stunned: “When you give birth to a baby, you act like you’re going to a party!”.

The couple Cardi and Offset shared a sweet, happy moment with their newborn son, but when they glanced down at the 27 million VND Louis Vuitton blanket, viewers were dazzled by the female rapper’s “fancy” delivery style.

While giving birth to a baby, mother Cardi B still maintains her luxurious nails and doesn’t forget to wear a branded blanket

Before that, when she was pregnant, Cardi also shopped a lot, got her nails done, and showed off photos that “smelled of money.”

Even fans are worried about the baby in the female rapper’s belly because she is always in a state of “unwind” even though her belly is so big.

The owner of the WAP hit often posts “virtual life” pictures with expensive bags and luxury jewelry despite being pregnant.