Latocha Scott Reveals Her and Sister Tamika Scott Are Not On Speaking Terms

R&B Group Xscape continues their latest fallout.

Following weeks of speculation, it is become more and more apparent that a rift has formed between the foursome, who only reunited in recent years following their respective forrays into reality television.

While Kandy Burruss and Tiny Harris have had their fair share of drama on the small screen, it appears this time around its sister Latocha and Tamika Scott who are at odds.

Issue within the group began to circulate when flyers featuring Kandi, Tiny, and Tamika were being promoted for upcoming shows. The ladies of Xscape have taken turns stepping away from the group; Kandi opted to do Broadway when the other three wanted to release music.

This time around, it was reported that Latocha did not want to tour and would instead be reuniting with the girls at the Soul Train Awards. Unfortunately, the award show exposed the drama even more when she showed up with a different look from her “sisters.”

Taking to social media, Latocha decided to tell the truth and felt that her group members had failed her by not defending her.

According to Latocha, she had hired a new stylist when they opted to fire their last one for overcharging. Unfortunately, the girls hired the overpriced one back without Latocha’s knowledge.

Even then, she claims that her stylist and the group’s stylists have communicated before with no issues until the night of the Soul Train Awards.

Latocha also confirms previous rumors that she pulled out of the tour dates due to beef between her husband and the promoter. Latocha says the man threatened to kill her husband after a show where she and her sister were forced to perform alone because Kandi and Tiny had COVID.

After that, she pulled out and did not understand the lack of support from Kandi, Tamika, and Tiny.

Latocha references an incident where her sister Tamika disrespected their mother as her breaking point, stating that the siblings have not spoken since. She also posted a reel with the cryptic message, “People are betting on your silence. NOT THIS TIME!”