Lala Anthony Tells Women Focus On Getting Their Own Money, So They Can Choose The Man They Want

La La Anthony has been creating quite a buzz lately, particularly after her divorce from Carmelo Anthony.

Following a recent braless appearance at the premiere of Power Book IV: Force, she has now teamed up with rapper Nicki Minaj for a conversation that has been making waves on the Internet. La La Anthony offered some advice for women who are looking for a man during this Instagram Live chat with Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj is currently promoting her upcoming single “Do We Have A Problem” featuring Lil’ Baby, and she invited friends and followers to join her Instagram Live session, where they discussed various topics, including relationships. During the conversation, La La Anthony touched on the issue of selfishness in men, which can affect women. However, the conversation soon shifted to the idea of unity among women.

La La Anthony discussed the problem of women putting each other down or taking pleasure in seeing others suffer. She advised against engaging in these actions, as she emphasized that it could happen to anyone at any time. Nicki Minaj also expressed her concerns about women who compete with one another and referred to them as a “culture of birds.” She suggested that these women have lost their true identities and focus.

La La Anthony offered her advice, saying that women should focus on being successful and achieving their own goals. She emphasized that by doing this, they would be more attractive and able to choose their partners. Instead of trying to convince someone to choose them, La La encouraged women to be successful and choose their own partners.

Nicki Minaj also shared the idea that when women focus on themselves and prioritize their own success, it can shift the perspective of men. She encouraged women to stop making men the prize and to make their own decisions about relationships. La La Anthony expressed her concern about this topic, which had kept her up at night, and she encouraged women to turn their focus inward and make their own choices when it comes to men.