Kyrie Irving Donates $65,000 To Shanquella Robinson GoFundMe

Kyrie Irving continue to show he’s a stand up guy. He is always giving to those in need. Kyrie donated $65,000 to Shanquella Robinson’s GoFundMe.

Kyrie Irving is stepping up to assist the family of Shanquella Robinson, the 25-year-old North Carolina woman who died in Mexico after taking a trip with her friends. Irving went to the family’s GoFundMe page to donate $65,000. The NBA superstar made his contribution with two separate payments of $50,000 and $15,000.

The family is looking to cover funeral expenses and legal fees as they aim to find justice for their loved one. Robinson’s sister, Quilla Long, expressed the family’s sentiment on the GoFundMe page, saying they have heard contradicting statements about the cause of their loved one’s death.

“My beautiful sister Shanquella Robinson, recently went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico, with people she believed were her friends,” Long wrote. “During this trip, she was found dead. Her associates claimed she died of alcohol poisoning, but the death certificate from the Mexican government contradicts this statement as it reveals a broken neck and cracked spine and a time of death which is 15 minutes after she sustained these injuries.”

According to Long, the United States State Department also released a statement, saying there is “no clear evidence of foul play.”

“Yet there is a video circulating of a woman violently attacking Shanquella. This statement is unacceptable, and we are beyond devastated. We continue to fight for the truth,” the grieving sister wrote. “We face a tremendous unexpected financial burden and a great deal of pain as we prepare to lay my sister to rest. Any support you can contribute to our legal fees and other critical expenses is greatly appreciated.”

As Blavity previously reported, a video posted to social media shows a woman punching and throwing Robinson to the ground while another person in the hotel room stood back and recorded the fight, telling the 25-year-old to “at least fight back.”

The family has received more than $317,000 on their GoFundMe page as of Saturday afternoon, with Irving being the top donor. NBA veteran Kemba Walker has also donated $20,000.