Kendu Isaacs Claims Divorce From Mary J. Blige Caused So Much Stress He Was Hospitalized

Mary J. Blige faced significant challenges and losses as a result of her divorce from Kendu Issac.

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul not only saw the end of her marriage and family but also suffered financial setbacks, including substantial legal fees and spousal and child support payments that she was required to make post-divorce. In response, Kendu Issac argued that the separation had taken a toll on him, leading to his hospitalization.

Kendu Issac initially appeared to be Mary J. Blige’s happily ever after. The singer even dedicated one of her career’s biggest hits, “Be Without You,” to him, and the music video featured Terrence Howard, who shared similar green eyes with her husband.

However, their seemingly blissful marriage took a painful turn when it was revealed that Kendu was involved with an artist they were mentoring together. The exact nature of this relationship remains a subject of speculation, with some suggesting that the woman may have been dating both Mary and Kendu simultaneously, leading to a permanent fracture in their union.

Mary J. Blige experienced challenges in the aftermath of their divorce, taking a step back to sell their home and manage her finances. Despite these setbacks, she has achieved remarkable success, with multiple major Grammy nominations, a role on 50 Cent’s “Power,” and a successful tour that has propelled her back to the top in 2023.

On the other hand, Kendu Issac’s career has suffered significantly, and he has become essentially “unemployable” in the music industry after his contentious divorce from one of its leading ladies. The stress and emotional distress he experienced from the divorce led to his hospitalization, as reported by The Blast in 2018. Ultimately, Mary J. Blige was ordered to pay him $30,000 per month to help him maintain his lifestyle.

Mary J. Blige was the sole breadwinner in her marriage and faced a challenging battle to regain possession of her belongings following her separation from Kendu Issac. This included her Grammy awards and a pre-paid Mercedes. At the time of their split, the couple had accrued over $10 million in debt, adding to the financial complexities of their divorce.