EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx w/ A New Lease On Life … Engaged To Blonde GF Alyce Huckstepp!!

James Foxx committed to never getting married … but that was before the Oscar winner suffered a life threatening stroke earlier this year.

Now Jamie has a new lease on life – and she’s living his life differently. Media Take Out learned that the actor proposed to his longtime girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp at Jamie’s Malibu mansion last weekend.

We spoke exclusively with a close friend of Jamie’s who told us all the details. The friend explained to Media Take Out, “Alyce was there – with Jamie’s family – to help bring him back. She showed him love, dedication, and commitment.”

But even Jamie’s longtime friend was surprised that the longtime bachelor is finally deciding to get hitched. The friend added, “I never thought the day would come, but Alyce is the one. And I’m happy for them.

CONGRATS TO THE COUPLE …. hopefully we’ll get an invite. We promise we won’t tell any tea from the wedding #fingerscrossed.

Alyce, a former model and real estate broker from Miami, is notoriously private. After she began dating Jamie nearly two years ago, she deleted her social media profile and all photos of herself from the internet. Heres the sole photo that remains of the beautiful blonde.