Hip Hop Rappers Are Known For Glorifying Jewelry and Cars, But Jeezy Prefers To Invest In Property

Hip-hop and flashy lifestyles go hand and hand.


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90% of popular rappers live lavish lives surrounded by big houses, fancy cars, and expensive jewelry. For many, it is simply a way of life. However, for rappers who have been around a bit longer, they’ve learned that real wealth can be measured in far less flashy ways. Young Jeezy is the latest to open up about how he is putting his money in a different place and protecting his wealth.

It’s not easy being a flash rapper these days, especially in cities like Los Angeles. This year we saw rapper PNB Rock get murdered after someone saw him entering a Roscoe Chicken and Waffles with a large chain. Last year, Pop Smoke suffered a similar fate after an Instagram follower was able to figure out where he was staying and came and robbed him, fatally injuring him.

Despite this, some guys are still interested in being flashy. Floyd Mayweather is never shy to show off his wealth. The superstar boxer has always lived like a rapper. He recently had popular jeweler Johnny Dang come on his private jet so that he could purchase a $1 million chain from him for an exhibition match in Japan. Johnny was so impressed and thankful, letting Floyd know it was his first time on a private flight. Mayweather thanked him for his exceptional work on the chain and has been flaunting it while he travels the world.

Rick Ross splurged a similar amount for a chain that, thanks to the internet, took on a life of its own. Rick Ross had been wearing a diamond pendant with his face on it for years. The original was valued at about $50k. After it went viral, the Wing Stop mogul decided to up the madness and got a new chain of himself made. The second one features Ross wearing the original chain. The meta purchase cost Rick Ross 1.5 million dollars.

According to one website, “The high price is likely because the piece is gigantic in order to account for all of the details. After all, you can essentially think of it as two pendants in one. The entire thing uses solid gold and real diamonds, so it’s no surprise that it ran at such a high cost. What is surprising is that Ross spent so much, to begin with.” The chain was so expensive it had to be delivered by armed forces.

Rapper Young Jeezy used to live a flashy lifestyle. The self-proclaimed snowman used to rock snowman chains and spend tons of money on his flashy attire. He has since turned over a new life and, through his marriage with television personality Jeannie Mai, has been able to show off a softer side of himself as a husband, father, and thoughtful investor.

Jeezy recently opened up about his real estate portfolio, joking about “owning half of Atlanta.” He no longer splurges on chains and fancy cars; instead, he has decided to spend his money investing in properties around the city. Jeezy thanks his friend for schooling him on property buying. “Every big check I ever got, you know, I bought property. Every time I had a birthday, I bought property. I don’t buy chains, watches, cars – none of that. I buy property,” he said during an episode of MILLION $ WORTH OF GAME.