Florida MOM Goes VIRAL After Wearing SCANDALOUS Outfit To Son’s Kindergarten !

A Florida mom has gone VIRAL after photos from her son’s kindergarten graduation were shared on social media.

The viral photos feature the Florida mother posing with her young son on his big day with big smiles on their faces. And though it’s a super adorable picture, it’s got many people talking on the internet — mainly about the mother’s demeanor!

Let’s just say that mothers all over the internet are shocked to see what this Florida mother wore to her son’s graduation.

It’s graduation season and people are sharing highlights of this important milestone in their kids’ lives. The internet is filled with emotional posts, adorable family photos, proud parents posing with their little ones – it’s just all very sweet.

And amidst all the traditional ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ photos, there’s one that’s really standing out for people.

The photo has gotten people to bash the mother who appears to be wearing inappropriate clothing at a school event. There’s not much known about the mother at this point, however, according to people, the photo was snapped at a Florida school graduation, and reportedly it was an extremely hot day.

To everyone’s shock, she opted for a black cropped tank top paired with hot pants. To worsen the look even further, the woman left the top buttons of her hot pants undone revealing her lower belly.

The woman’s strange choice of clothing has caught people’s attention on social media and it’s gotten everyone talking. But not ALL comments are derogatory towards the mother.

Many people are appreciating the young mom for being there for her son while there’s no father in the photo.