Empire Star, Bryshere Gray 2-Hour Interrogation Video Surfaces Online

Authorities’ two-hour videotaped interrogation of Bryshere Grey has been made public online.

Grey, a television performer better known by his stage name Yazz (or Yazz The Greatest), has recently run into legal issues. The actor was taken into custody on suspicion of charges related to an alleged altercation with his wife, Candice Jimdar, in Arizona last summer. The actor is most known for his part in the cancelled TV musical-drama from Lee Daniels, Empire on Fox. These accusations were the result of a domestic abuse claim. Recently released video from the Goodyear Police Department has raised some questions about the veracity of the incident.

Rumours about Gray’s arrest surfaced in July of this year, allegedly following an ugly confrontation involving his wife that occurred at their Arizona home. According to the Goodyear Police Department, they responded to a call on a Sunday night about 10:15. In the beginning, Grey, who also played Michael Bivins in the hugely successful television miniseries The New Edition Story on BET, resisted leaving the house. He was pretending to be New Edition. The crisis negotiations team was sent to the home to offer aid because he did nothing and was therefore ignored.
On Monday morning, around seven o’clock, Grey was detained and placed under arrest. After that, he was sent to the Maricopa County jail. Jimdar reportedly told law enforcement officers that she confronted her husband about their affair after discovering texts between him and other women on her husband’s cell phone. She claims that his defence consisted of calling them “fake,” as she has said, before he threatened to go after her. Gray’s wife received medical care, and after being evaluated, it was determined that her health was stable. Records show that she temporarily lost consciousness at some point during the incident.

His interrogation by detectives was captured on tape, which has just lately been made public. Throughout the two-hour interview, Grey can be heard defending himself by saying, “I have a career, I’m an artist, I have a lot of things to lose.” In response to the issue of whether they were married, he first referred to Jimdar as his “best friend,” but subsequently added, “in a way, we are married.” In a later statement made in the video, Grey claims that he and Jimdar had a “open relationship.” We also have an open relationship, so because I’m so busy, I let her have a boyfriend, he added.

This is due to the non-exclusive nature of our partnership.
The actor asserted that his wife was also considering suicide and that “Mark” had visited their home after he had gone. The person responsible for what occurred to Jimdar is thought to be Mark. “[I] Went to My Friend’s House, and Then She Called ‘Mark’ Over,” claimed Bryshere, “and the Two of Them Spent Time Together.” The owner said, “He didn’t see something he liked, and that’s why I have the F1 Savannah cat, but he’s just a kitten, and I don’t know what occurred.

According to Jimdar’s statement to the police, Grey uses the bogus name “Mark” in locations like hotels and public spaces where he doesn’t want to be known. She clarified that Mark is the only name he ever goes by. The speaker explained, “That’s kind of like his little pen name.” Officers have claimed that they have zero faith in Gray’s claims. Jimdar claims that Grey has bipolar disorder and won’t take the medication that has been given for him. After the investigation was over, the actor was ultimately hit with three charges.
Byshere ultimately decided to enter a guilty plea, and as a result, was given a 10-day prison term. After being found guilty of his offences, the actor was handed a prison sentence as well as a three-year probationary period.