Derrick Jackson’s Wife Speaks Out Following Divorce From The Dating Coach

Relationship Coach Derrick Jackson’s ex-wife, Da’Naia Jackson is now speaking out after being humiliated by her husband’s infidelities throughout their relationship.

In her latest interview, Da’Naia Jackson claimed not only did her husband cheat with over 100 women while they were together she also believe she gave birth to a daughter who looks like every woman he cheated with.

This caused Da’Naia to become jealous of her own daughter because her daughter had the same dark skin complexion as the women her husband wanted, desired and love.

In addition to the jealousy she had for her daughter, Da’Naia also revealed she became so obsessed with all of the women Derrick was cheating with that she begin to stalk their Instagram pages to study their pages, how they dress, watch videos of them being intimate and she would recreate it her marriage, so he would choose her.

Da’Naia appears to be in better spirit today. Fans in the comments applauded Da’Naia for finally speaking out and telling her story. Some fans also suggested Da’Naia looks into therapy so she can heal following what seems to be a very traumatic experience. You can check out the full interview below and let us know what you think.