Actor and “Dancing with the Stars” co-host Alfonso Ribeiro recently updated fans about his daughter Ava’s health following a scooter accident.

Speaking on “LIVE WITH KELLY AND MARK,” Ribeiro shared that while Ava is much better, she is still healing from scars on her face and arms. Ava suffered the injuries just before her fourth birthday in May, leading to emergency surgery for severe road rash.

Ribeiro has been open about the incident, describing it as a stressful experience that required Ava to undergo a painful recovery process.

Despite this, Ava remains fearless and eager to get back to her adventurous activities. Ribeiro expressed his pride in Ava’s bravery and strength, especially in how she handled the situation.

Recently, Ribeiro shared a heartwarming video of Ava learning to ride a bike, fully geared in safety equipment, with her father supporting her enthusiastically. Ava’s resilience and her father’s support highlight her courageous spirit in the face of adversity.