Cory Hardrict Won’t Get A Dime In Spousal Support From Tia Mowry Following Divorce, Actor Also Forced To Keep….

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict’s divorce is final. Their 20-year union has come to a close officially, and court documents reveal how everything was split up. Early on, there were concerns that Cory would receive spousal support due to Tia being the larger earner of the two.

However, Cory will walk away with nothing but joint custody as he’s been denied spousal support and rights to their family home. Tia and Cory shocked America with their split last October. However, the time since has seen them both flourishing.

Cory continues his acting work on television while Tia’s social media empire keeps her lights on. Mowry has thrown herself into wellness and fashion, admitting that she got a little lost during her marriage. The split seems to have been handled well for the sake of their children as well, as the duo spent the holidays together and continued to keep things amicable. They will share joint custody, according to court documents.


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Tia will stay in possession of the $4.3 million dollar home in Studio City, where she is living with their two children. Court documents reveal the couple is not to speak ill of each other within earshot of the children. It also has a clause for when either of them moves into a new relationship.

“Each party is restrained from introducing the minor children to a new romantic partner until the party has been in an exclusive relationship with the romantic partner for at least six months.”

Hardrict seemed like he was trying to get over early on in the split when he asked that an amended prenup be thrown out. For much of their relationship, Mowry was the earner, so it appears he was looking to continue being taken care of.

While Cory was rumored to have been spotted on a date with Nia Long, neither of them have confirmed new relationships.