Chrisean Rock’s Boyfriend K Suave Apologize, Calls Alleged Ex A Stalker

Chrisean Rock’s relationship with rising rapper K Suave has just started, but it is already drama-filled as his ex-girlfriend says that the rapper is using Rock for attention to push his debut album release.

The rising rapper is on the come up in the industry, and he recently received some clout from his cousin Trippie Redd. However, his ex-girlfriend is now claiming that he needs Chrisean Rock’s help to boost his career. Over the weekend, the woman called out K Suave and Chrisean Rock.

“Do y’all think k suave is gonna take a woman with 10 tattoos of another man’s face on her body serious? It’s all for clout like cmon now,” she wrote in one Instagram Story.

Another story said, “Imagine your first having segs with a female and you look down and see another man’s name tattooed on the cat lol… K Suave is using the tooth girl for [exposure] he needs it to promote his music!! He gonna dog walk her just like blue or worst lol this ain’t gone end well.”

The woman also claimed that she was speaking out after Rock’s fans came to harass her on her page.

“I’m trying to understand how y’all mad at me for defending myself,” she said. “I literally don’t bother nobody y’all came to my page!! And yes k suave belongs to me!! I’m not going nowhere so get real comfortable seeing my face.”

Another Story read, “Just know everytime when I call he gone pick up the phone every time lol he does not want blue face leftovers!! He wants exposure for his music…he loves me and he was the one who apologized to me publicly.”

She also posted a video of K Suave apologizing to her, saying he “should have handled things differently but I wasn’t thinking clearly. It happened but forgive me. I’m sorry.”

She also released a second video of him apologizing to the unnamed woman. “I’m sorry I apologize again. I was wrong, I should have handled it differently like a man. That’s my fault. There’s no one to blame but me,” K Suave said in the video.

Chrisean Rock also got some shots as the woman wrote on Instagram Story – “Say what you want about me but I know how to hold a newborn baby neck from dangling upside down.” The woman also posted a video of herself dancing to Jaidyn Alexis’ song “Barbie.”

In the meantime, K Suave posted a video on the weekend saying that he had been stalked by the woman for more than a year now.

“She’s back randomly again. You already know how she gets and I’m sorry and yes she’s back. Be prepared for a lot of trite comments and DMs from this b*tch,” he said, adding that he’s never met the woman or seen her. “People are really crazy,” he said.

Chrisean Rock has not addressed the woman, but Blueface had a comment for the Baddies reality star’s new K Suave nail designs as he mocked her for putting the rapper’s name on her body after they’ve just met. K Suave also appeared to take Rock shopping at Target on Wednesday. The pair appeared unbothered at the latest drama.