Cardi B Flaunts her NEW MAN at Oscars Red Carpet. Offset Responded by sending A Warning…

The glamorous event witnessed Cardi B stepping out with her new partner, igniting speculation and chatter among fans and media alike. As the cameras flashed and the world watched, Cardi B proudly showcased her latest love interest, marking a significant moment in her public persona. However, Offset, her former flame, didn’t stay silent. Responding to … Read more

Rihanna Shows Off Funny And Adorable Photos Of Her Son Rza For The First Time

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Willow Smith Caught Parents Will And Jada Having Wild…..

Willow Smith once caught her parents, superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, in bed. On Monday’s sex-themed episode of “Red Table Talk,” the Facebook show hosted by Jada, Willow divulged that walking in on her parents’ private moment was her awkward introduction to $ex. “My introduction to $ex was obviously walking in on you … Read more

Beyoncé reveals ‘act ii: COWBOY CARTER’ cover and album inspiration

Beyoncé has revealed the cover for her upcoming album, act ii: COWBOY CARTER. She took to Instagram Tuesday to celebrate the 10-day countdown to the release of the new album, arriving March 29. In the album’s cover photo, Beyoncé sits astride a horse, wearing patriotic cowboy garb and holding an American flag. She wears white-heeled … Read more

Usher Reveals Recent Las Vegas Wedding Surprised His Own Family–FULL STORY BELOW👇

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Why Jada Pinkett Smith Would Want Daughter Willow To have….FULL STORY BELOW👇

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Viral: Angelina Jolie said the ‘Best $ex’ she ever had with Denzel Washington- FULL STORY BELOW👇

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They all regret Coming after Katt Williams Now | Hollywood’s Pressure on Black Actors: A Closer Look (H)

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