Candace Owens Claims Black People Are Soft With Rotted Brains After Calling Juneteenth Ghetto & Made Up

Candace Owens knows she’s no longer welcomed at black functions and does not care. The television shock jock has taken her assault on black people to new levels with her latest comments, according to Twitter. The African American news anchor is known for being incredibly critical of her own people and has often said cruel things.

Her latest take on black people has everyone ready to get her up out of here and off our television screens. Candace Owens was involved in a Twitter spat yesterday where she revealed that she disliked being a black woman. One person tweeted Owens saying, “If you hate being a black woman, just saying that.” Owens clapped back, saying, “Black people are soft, emotional, and had their brains rotted by BLM.” Owens has previously stated that she also thought Juneteenth was “ghetto” and “made-up” and that black people “cry like b******” whenever she covers them in her show.

Owens is unashamed about her opinions and just shared a episode to her Youtube channel further criticizing black people and Juneteenth following reports that a celebration in Los Angeles had to be shut down due to stampedes and shootings.

Titled “Juneteenth Is Ghetto and Made Up,” Owens discussed how she’s been “uninvited” from various cookouts and black celebrations following her hot takes. “I would like to apologize for what I said,” she told her viewers before explaining that she was tweeting while sick and “delirious.” Owens does go on to say that even if she was not sick, she probably would not celebrate Juneteenth anyway.

Candace then went on to say that Twitter is so limited in characters, and she wishes she could say more before going on to explain how Juneteenth is fake. She then says that BLM has killed people’s common sense and is a virus.