Busta Rhymes Ran Up On Charlamagne Tha God After Being Called ‘Donkey Of The Day”

The Breakfast Club dictates much of the culture these days. Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy’s popular morning show is everyone’s number-one source for news and hot topics. Most mornings they also crown someone Donkey of the Day based on something they did that the guys deem stupid. Past Donkey of the Day Busta Rhymes was not feeling his inclusion, however.

Charlamagne knows a thing or two about getting on someone’s bad side. The shock jock knows how to create viral moments and get reactions out of the most media-trained stars. Back in 2012, however, he called out the wrong rapper. During a pre-BET Awards birthday event for Melanie Finona in Los Angeles, Busta confronted C regarding some things he said about him on air.

Charlamagne recalls poking fun of Busta Rhymes and DMX’s remix of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s single “Otis.” He claims that at the time, his show was so new, and he really wanted to make a name for himself. When Busta Rhymes crossed paths with him at the event, the two drunk stars began to argue and almost came to blows. Charlamagne says that their teams came and broke them up.

Now, years later, he reflects back on the time and feels silly about the whole thing. “I was being disrespectful. But you know what it was, though, I’ll say this: I wanted to win so bad when we got ‘The Breakfast Club,’ anybody could get it.” He goes on to say that he really had no reason to hate on the rap legend’s attempt at a popular song.