Bow Wow advises Nelly to stop playing games and marry Ashanti: “You’re 50 playing games; this is your queen

Bow Wow’s Candid Advice: Nudging Nelly to Seal the Deal with Ashanti.

In rap, opinions are as common as beats, but Shad “Bow Wow” Moss has taken it upon himself to offer some direct, heartfelt advice to fellow artist Nelly. The topic? Marrying the one and only Ashanti. Despite being the youngest in the circle, Bow Wow didn’t mince his words, urging Nelly to stop playing games and commit to his relationship with the R&B sensation.

The internet buzzed when Ashanti and Nelly, the once-power couple, were spotted together ringside alongside Bow Wow’s former mentor Jermaine Dupri. It was a moment that sparked a cascade of comments from Bow Wow. In a public statement under a post featuring the couple, Bow Wow wrote, “Yo mo! I know we do not see eye to eye either, really, but from lil bro to big bro, STOP PLAYING AND MARRY THIS WOMAN BRO!” He playfully jabbed at Nelly’s age, stating he’s nearing 50 and should settle down, emphasizing, “This is your queen.”

The remark also subtly alluded to Bow Wow’s ongoing differences with Jermaine Dupri, who was present in the same post. Bow Wow has been vocal about his feelings concerning Dupri taking credit for his success, adding layers to his comments.

The response to Bow Wow’s bold statement was overwhelmingly positive. Many social media users echoed his sentiments, saying, “He said what most of y’all are thinking though,” and another chiming in, “I mean, did he lie?” The question now hangs in the air: is it time for Nelly and Ashanti to make their relationship official? Only time will tell, but one thing is sure – Bow Wow has undoubtedly stirred the pot in hip-hop relationships.