Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Phor Details His Experience With A Transwoman

During a recent sit down with Angela Yee’s podcast “Lip Service”.

the entertainer spoke candidly about his experience sleeping with a transgender woman, and explained how the moment led him to advocate for the trans community.

According to Phor, the encounter happened when a married woman he was sexually involved with invited him to have a threesome. The musician says he was blindfolded upon the surprise third guests arrival, and the lights were dimmed down so that everyone could get into the mood. Phor, real name Corey ‘Phor Brumfield’ Robinson, went on to reveal that it wasn’t until they all began getting intimate that he realized the additional partner was actually a trans women. He explained:

“I’m sitting there, they making out, I’m like ‘d**n it’s bussing it’s popping’…I get to doing my thing or whatever…this when I knew it was a trans woman. So the girl I was with, she had on her little strap on stuff and then the next thing you know I’m watching her get penetrated by the other woman…she was f*cking her,”

The podcasts hosts asked follow up questions, clarifying that the surprise guest was penetrating the women without any sex toys, and was a trans woman who hadn’t undergone genital surgery, to which Phor confirmed. Subsequently, the rapper went on to state how he approached the woman he had been dealing with after the situation happened, making clear it didn’t upset him, however. He continued:

“After we got done and everything I told her like ‘I wish you would’ve told me’…just so it’s more comfortable, just so we know what we getting into. But I wasn’t mad at her because she was just being herself….From that moment, it just made me a little more open minded.”

Phor then went on to share how the experience changed him. The entertainer says the trans woman was “a really pretty girl”, even with little to no make-up, suggesting he discovered a new found appreciation for the often marginalized group. Additionally, the TV star says he’s since been “bringing more awareness” to the trans women community as he feels they don’t get the respect or “recognition” they deserve. He added:

“People feel like they don’t need to be talked about, they act like they don’t exist. So I do speak on them.”