Benzino Says He Has All Right Asking Coi Leray For Money, Coi Respond

Coi Leray and Benzino’s public feud is getting even more messy as he blasts her for saying that he called her for money.


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On Instagram Live, the former Love and Hip Hop star went off on his daughter Coi Leray after she shared that her father acted entitled to her money and he would often interfere in her business and career. Benzino also takes aim at rap legend Busta Rhymes over his music video with Coi.

Benzino, 58, was not having it as he confirmed that he does ask his kids for money, and they were obligated to assist him.

“Yeah I called you for some money, I made you you didn’t make me,” Benzino said. “F***ing right I called Ray Ray and everybody else I was supposed to who the f**k else am I supposed to call? What the f**k is wrong with this generation and you kids, man? Y’all are f**ked up.”

Benzino is upset about Coi and Angie Martinez’s interview where the “Players” artiste claimed that her success was “triggering” to her dad and that he was envious of her success.

“My career, I did a million f**king things. Amazing things. I’m proud of what you doing but Coi you ain’t done the sh*t or made the money the money that made, you couldn’t walk in my f***ing Adidas…how can you get on her and say I’m using you for clout?” Benzino said.

The “Rock The Party” artist also revealed that Coi’s claims that she slept in cars and sold drugs were not because he failed to be a good father.

“You was bad. Your mother sent you down to live with me in Atlanta. You couldn’t cope with that because I wasn’t going to go for the sh*t she goes for…so I don’t know if there was some anger because of that but that’s how I knew to be a father,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Coi Leray claimed that Benzino was using her as a “clout kid,” which is untrue.

However, the rapper also shared that his daughter failed to appreciate his financial struggles as a father after he was indicted by the feds and lost everything, which meant he couldn’t keep up the lifestyle for his wife and children and led to their divorce.