Angel Reese of LSU has been signed as Reebook’s first basketball athlete of the future generation.

Reebok Welcomes Angel Reese: A New Era in Basketball Endorsements.

In an exciting turn of events, Reebok, the renowned sportswear giant, has recently announced its plans to re-launch its Basketball category in 2024 and beyond.

Reebok has proudly signed LSU center and reigning national champion Angel Reese to a multi-year endorsement deal to mark this significant moment in the company’s history. With this groundbreaking collaboration, Reebok is embarking on a new chapter, focusing on dynamic endorsers and athletes, starting with the incredibly talented Angel Reese.

Reese’s signing holds a special place in Reebok’s heart, returning memories of a legendary era. President of Reebok Basketball, the iconic Shaquille O’Neal, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “For my first appointment in this role, it had to be the GOAT. No one is making a bigger impact on the game right now than Angel Reese.” O’Neal’s words reflect his admiration for Reese’s prowess and underline the significant impact she is making in the basketball world.

Interestingly, this collaboration comes full circle for Shaquille O’Neal. Around three decades ago, O’Neal was a star center at LSU before signing with Reebok in 1992. This partnership led to the launch of Reebok’s first-ever signature shoe, the iconic Shaq Attaq. Now, history seems to repeat itself as Angel Reese follows in O’Neal’s footsteps, becoming the face of Reebok Basketball.

Reese’s partnership with Reebok is set to commence with a curated portal of products on, aptly named “Angel’s Picks.” This exclusive selection will feature a range of items, with a limited-edition t-shirt celebrating Reese’s signing taking center stage. The partnership continues; Reese and Reebok are already hard at work, collaboratively developing their capsule collection, which is slated to launch in the Fall/Winter 2024 season. This collection promises to be a fusion of style and performance, embodying Reese’s unique personality and Reebok’s commitment to excellence.

Moreover, Reese’s involvement extends beyond the realm of fashion. She will provide invaluable design input and product feedback for the broader Reebok Basketball re-launch scheduled for 2025. This ambitious initiative will introduce new performance silhouettes and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize how athletes experience the game.

Reebok’s decision to re-launch its Basketball category signifies its dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards. By teaming up with outstanding athletes like Angel Reese, Reebok is celebrating the spirit of basketball and championing the talent, dedication, and determination of athletes who inspire millions worldwide.

As we eagerly anticipate the Fall/Winter 2024 season, the collaboration between Reebok and Angel Reese is a testament to the brand’s legacy and its unwavering commitment to empowering athletes. Together, they are set to create waves in the basketball community, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and the fashion world. With Reebok’s legacy and Reese’s talent, the future of basketball endorsements has never looked brighter.