Actress Vanessa Williams, 60, REVEALS What Her Face Looks Like WITHOUT Makeup! (Yikes)

Vanessa Williams is one of the most beautiful black queens out there and it’s hard to believe that the former Miss America turned 60 years old in March.

The mother-of-four frequently shares her day-to-day life with fans on social media — but yesterday she shared an unexpected post showing off her bare face.

And fans’ reactions to her no-makeup look are MIXED!

Vanessa Williams is one of the strongest Black women in the entertainment industry and her personal struggles are no secret. After years and years of pain, the actress is now in a good place with her family and kids by her side.

And VW showed her fans that, unlike most celebrities, she’s not afraid to share her bare face with the world.

The 60-year-old is also one of the few actresses who never resorted to going under the knife — as far as our knowledge, the beautiful actress hasn’t gotten any procedures done on her face and body.

And that fact is obvious seeing her face without any makeup on.

The Johnson Family Vacation actress took to social media yesterday to share a rare photo of herself inside her car with literally zero makeup on. Her caption indicated that she was extremely tired and had no energy to do anything.

“No filter …No energy #rescuecrew,” she captioned her post.

While many fans were shocked to see her no-makeup look, a lot of her fans couldn’t stop praising he for still maintaining her natural beauty without any surgeries.

For context, here’s a picture of the actress shared a few days ago: