50 Cent Shows Meek Mill and Rick Ross No Mercy Over Low Album Sales

50 Cent makes Meek Mill and Rick Ross his target over low album sales.

50 Cent is laughing at the expense of Meek Mill and Rick Ross as their first-week album sales were not impressive.

The G-Unit rapper is currently on a world tour, and despite not releasing a new album since 2014, the rapper continues to draw fans to his shows and fills out stadiums worldwide on his Final Lap world tour. 50 Cent was recently in London and shared a video of him backstage and with fans and the massive crowd in the arenas as they await his presence.

Still, it seems that he has advice for Rick Ross and Meek Mill, who recently released their joint album Too Good To Be True but failed to sell a large number of albums as they have in the past.

On Monday, Chart Data revealed that the album sold 31K copies of the album and that it debuted at No. 23 on the Billboard 200 chart. However, 50 Cent had some words for the two seasoned rappers.

“Oh No 31,009 [laughing emojis] you might want to spend some quiet time to strategize and reevaluate. LOL LONDON second show SOLD OUT! Newcastle tomorrow night SOLD OUT!” 50 Cent said in a tweet over the weekend.

Last week, Meek Mill addressed the report that his joint album did not meet his expectations, stating that he is no longer with a major label and the system is wired against independent artists.

“It says me and Ross on pace to sell 35k first week I would post if it said 350k… I’m too nice and rich to be rapping in a [controlled] music environment that’s why we dropping music on Fridays it doesn’t make sense,” Meek said, adding, “Now we all own our music we getting the tech built to put people on our own musical subscriptions and we gone let direct to consumer see if rap if doing well.”

Meek also claimed that the album was loved by fans and that he’ll continue to make music for fans who appreciate his talent.After 50 Cent’s post was made, he wrote on Twitter, “I own 100% of my masters and publishing now ima rap and have a ball with it and make music that touch people worldwide!”On Monday, Meek Mill also claimed that he had made $1 million from each of his recently released songs. He later deleted his tweet after fans called him out for lying about the figure amid criticism of his album sales.

Neither Meek nor Ross did much promotion for the album except for a few press interviews.

In the meantime, Rick Ross has not responded to 50 Cent, but given the years of back and forth between the two rap titans, it’s only a matter of time before Rozay says something.